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no fear buy a new kia here no fear buy a new kia here
Kal says no payments for up to 120 days

Introducing A new Car Buying Program

90 Day Buy Back Guarantee

Kalidy Kia is doing everything possible to hook you up with the perfect car at the perfect monthly payment, and that means payment deferrals and a ninety-day no questions asked buyback program. We understand that times are tough right now, and that's why we're being more flexible than ever to deliver the five-star experience you deserve. We know that many things are uncertain at the moment, but Kalidy Kia can set you up for success with these protective programs. This is what Friends For Life™ means to us.

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We’re taking saftey to the next level at Kalidy Kia because we care about you! Once you’re ready to move forward, we will deliver the car to your home!

No Fear

What we are doing

To Protect you!

Kalidy Kia takes the health and safety of our customers and employees very seriously. That’s why we have taken the following precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19:

  • Every employee must pass a wellness check by management, including check for fever and COVID-19 symptoms, prior to beginning their shift.
  • Any employee that misses work for illness must pass a stringent set of guidelines prior to being admitted back to work.
  • All Kalidy Kia employees are required to wear gloves during their shift and we can provide you a pair upon request.
  • Our staff has been trained to conduct a safe six feet distance from other co-workers and to customers during the outbreak.
  • Our entire dealership is sterilized via a rigorous, written regiment four times per day.
  • We conduct ongoing COVID-19 process reviews and continue to make incremental changes to react to the latest CDC guidelines.
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